Northern Keepers


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Jake Friedrich
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Jake Friedrich Ringleader is incredible. First show I ever saw in Edmonton was these guys and Exits. I've been so stoked on everything they do ever since. Favorite track: Finish Cracks.
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released August 7, 2014



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RINGLEADER Edmonton, Alberta

Andrew - vocals
Robbie - guitar
Ryan - bass
Josh - drums

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Track Name: Finish Cracks
Held a future in the palm of your hand. Yours to do as you saw fit. Now that you're here you're too far gone. Stoke the fire and burn the bridge. You won't need the other side. Made your choice to carry this. Locked inside the mind you've lost and sealed the key along with it. Truth foaming at your lips as the old bones find a new home in the back of your closet. You've let your past become you. We see what's settled in. It splinters through the skin and now I've got a bone to pick. How far down before you draw the line? Looking for a place to leave your past behind. Digging deep, so far in you're swinging blind. Buried in my mind, I've got an axe to grind.
Track Name: Snake Oil
Lost, I don't know where to begin. Swimming in filth and bathing in sin. They say change only comes from within so I'm looking for answers under my skin. And every man without a home will find a grave without a stone. For every son and every daughter. Waves in the graves, a new age of slaughter. Hard lesson learned and it only gets harder. Blood isn't cheap and it's thicker than water. Cold comfort at night, dark days ahead. I'm living a lie but it's a means to an end. If you're searching for truth, I'll tell you my friend. There's no love in our hearts, it's all in our heads. It's all in our heads.
Track Name: Nakam
A war's been waged on our new peace for pride. But we all bleed the same and we'll show them in time. Closed eyes and weak minds unhinged from the outside. Rats running in lines. A new age of war crimes. Passing the torch but our fire burns brighter. This fight is our fight, we're here for survivors. We know what you stand for. We'll do what we must. This war is alive and you're dead to us. This war is alive. This is our fight.
Track Name: Vicarious Redemption
Holy shrouds and sacred veils. Tapestries of children's tales. No love for the kings that died for you. I'll burn the crown and bury the nails. This sin is mine and mine alone; Your death absolves nothing for me. You'll get no praise, I won't atone for a favour that I didn't need. You knew this wouldn't set me free. It just builds a new cage around me. Redemption, redemption. Now tell me, what do I owe you?
Redemption, redemption. Fuck you, I don't even know you. So what is it really that you mean by love? How much am I giving up when this deal is done? What do I need with the body and blood when the sins of the father leave their wounds on the son.
Track Name: Taxing
The price of a single mistake, out of focus and out of frame. Lost touch, lost faith. One step away from insane. Can't hide self doubt, you wear it on your sleeve and on your face. And you'll just grin and bare it when failure is all you taste. All that's left is regret. I don't know which is worse, that we're all slaves to debt or that we're free in a hearse. Your best wasn't good enough at the point of giving up. With nothing left to give, fed lies, hands tied, and afraid to live. We're on our own.
Track Name: Sink or Swim
Sink or swim - current is pulling you down. If you're treading water you'd might as well just drown.
Track Name: The Balance
There is no right time or nice way to say this. We've been dealt this hand and we have to play it. But it is what it is. Can't count the ways we're proud. So much to say, we're gone too soon. But every day it's showing through, you have the best of us inside of you. We held our last words like dollars left to spend. Though it kept us silent you knew it in the end. We did our best to get it right. But death is a part of life. The only way we know it's real is the misery it leaves behind. We make the world we leave behind. We saved the world we leave behind.
Track Name: Denied
The teeth are all rotten, hollow and loose. Pain won't stop 'til we pull at the root. And it's just under the surface. Right under our noses. And the heaven that we call this is the hell below it. When the blood on our hands won't wash away. The crosses we couldn't bare are left on their graves. Gold to pacify us. The guilt is here to stay and the more that we have the less we give away. The future is all but washed away. Foreclosed on the homes for the brave. It's the land of the free, or so they say, but in the end we're all going to pay for the land of the spree and the home of the slave.
Track Name: High Stakes
Life or death, win or lose. Wrong turn and it's over. Tonight's the night, make your move. Take your chances, pick your poison. Lines are blurred, lights are blinding. You owe a debt he's collecting soon. I saw the reaper on the side of the highway. Out of time, gotta pay your dues. You couldn't bring yourself to take the extra step, to go the extra mile, so you placed a bet. And waited for the news, sure enough you lost. You knew where this was going. You knew what this would cost. High stakes, you owe a life. Pay up and die. Lines are blurred, lights are blinding. You owe a debt he's collecting soon. I saw the reaper on the side of the highway. Out of time, gotta pay your dues. Pay your dues. High stakes, you owe a life. Pay up and die. Pay your dues.
Track Name: Northern Keepers
A whisper in the cold wind. Daylight, the great deceiver. Colder under our skin. We are Northern Keepers. Forged in the snow, cut from the ice. We keep the north, keep it inside. Cold as the wind that cuts like a knife. Cold as the dead but we're still alive. Marching to the echoes from a barren waste that leaves us numb. Time stands still as we lose the light. Dark are the days we spend in the night. The cracks in the streets here match the lines in my face. A frozen abyss that calls my name, But I will never leave this place. Unaccustomed to the warmth, we're the keepers of the north. We need no fire to heat us; we are northern keepers. We are northern keepers.